Create a world of your own with wall tapestries

The world of Wall Tapestry

What would you say to exploring the unique world of wall tapestries? These tapestries intended to be hung on your walls will create the atmosphere that suits you… Travel with the hangings and their colors, but above all: feel good in your home.


Indian Tapestry Wall Hangings


Elephant Tapestry Wall Hangings

Symbol of strength and wisdom, these animals are majestic… Make an ideal and unique decoration for your home with elephant tapestries.


Psychedelic Wall Tapestries


Where to hang a wall tapestry ?

The wall tapestry is a very popular decoration, thanks to its simplicity and its practical installation. It is a real child’s play to position a wall hanging in the room of your choice: bedroom, living room or bathroom. Every room in your home can be enhanced by one of our beautiful quality wall tapestries ! Choose the wall tapestry that best suits your decorating style, and create an atmosphere that suits you… Our mandalas, hippies, bohemians or nature wall tapestries are here to decorate every bland space in your home with a unique decoration!

Hippie Wall Tapestry

A universe of peace and love awaits you with these tapestries. Create a warm 90’s look with our hippie style wall hangings.


How to fix a wall tapestry ?

To hang a beautiful wall tapestry on your wall, whether in your living room or your bedroom, nothing could be easier. Depending on the material of your wall, the method of hanging will vary between different walls. For a plaster wall, a few tacks or nails are enough, one in each corner and you’re done. If you want to make sure it doesn’t move, add a pin/nail at the top and bottom and the result will be even better.
If you don’t want to cut a hole in your wall to hang your wall tapestry (because of your landlord, your parents or just to keep your wall intact), double-sided tape will do the trick, one end in each corner of the canvas tightly stretched, just like when you hung your posters as a child.
Hope this helps, see you soon on Tapestry Paradise !

How to clean a wall tapestry ?

To clean a wall tapestry, there are several methods to be adapted according to the level of dirt of your hanging. If your wall hanging is simply dusty, do not pass a dust cloth on it, but recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner. Much more efficient, and better for your tapestry. On the other hand, if your wallpaper is stained, it will not be enough, but it is possible to remedy it all the same. To remove a stain, dab with a clean cloth soaked in clear water without soap, but if the stain persists, use a little stain remover.
To clean a wall tapestry completely, wipe with a cloth soaked in slightly diluted ammonia, focusing on the stains. Using a cloth soaked in warm water and baking soda is also recommended to remove a stubborn stain. Be sure to try it on a small area of your wallpaper to make sure it can handle the different products.

Come and discover wall tapestries that suit you.

Our wall tapestries are fine and soft decorations. They will sublimate your home, and install a soothing and warm atmosphere. For a unique and authentic decoration, our paintings will allow you to escape. The decoration is essential to feel good at home, they allow to bring a personal touch, and to personalize your interior. No need for work or headaches to transform your living room into a zen and soothing room. The wall tapestries are there to decorate in all simplicity, thanks to colorful patterns and unusual designs. These canvases can be religious, psychedelic, geometric, or can even honor our beautiful nature.