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Tapestry Paradise was born out of the desire and ambition to offer original decorations at affordable prices for all. By becoming a specialist in wall hangings, we are proud to offer quality products at fair prices.
Why wall hangings?
Because it’s a very simple, but very effective decoration. Young teens love wall hangings, and can enhance their rooms with them.
To put in your living room and create an atmosphere that suits you, the hangings are what you need. Easy to put up, you can take them down and change them as you like, if you like to change the atmosphere and theme in your home.
Wall hangings and sheets have the power to spread positive vibes and create warmth-filled atmospheres. Some are very spiritual and bring happiness and protection to your home. It is also a very original and beloved gift, so don’t hesitate, if you are looking for a gift for a loved one.
Our models vary, patterns, colors … There will be for all tastes, and each of you will find happiness on Tenture Passion.
We wish to offer products of the highest quality. That is why we work exclusively with craftsmen recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work. The requirement is something primordial and only the products blow of heart are retained on Tapestry Paradise.