Bohemian Wall Tapestry

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Nothing beats a beautiful Bohemian Wall Tapestry if you’re looking for escape and relaxation. If you want to create a zen and soothing atmosphere, this is the collection for you. Ethnic patterns, whether Indian, African, American, you will find THE wall hanging you need.

Pay tribute to the world and the nomadic movement with this collection.

Find in this collection of models purified, sober designs, but very elegant. These interior decoration accessories are very charming and very relaxing for the mind and the eyes. Whether in your living room, your bedroom or your kitchen, these paintings will make you travel. Add a touch of softness and elegance with chic and sober colors. Woven hangings, in different shapes and sizes, are real invitations to travel, while staying at home.


For a very original, offbeat and completely trippy decoration, the Psychedelic Wall Tapestry collection is there just for that.