Elephant Wall Tapestry Hanging

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Honor and pay homage to the largest and strongest animal on earth, the Elephant! A majestic and elegant animal. Heir to the Mammoth, the Elephant is an animal that has fascinated Man since the beginning of time. Persecuted in some societies and cultures, it is idolized in others. In the Hindu religion, the elephant is a revered animal, as Ganesh is one of the Hindu gods with an elephant head, representing wisdom. In many parts of India, this splendid animal represents strength and power. And in Christianity, it evokes prudence and self-control.

An Elephant Wall Tapestry Hanging as protection for your home.

To give to a loved one of yours, fan of the Asian world or adoring elephants, this is the perfect gift. An elegant and beautiful decoration to look at, it will be perfect above your bed or sofa. The elephant is such a symbolic animal, no one can fail to love this incredible animal. Elephants are different depending on their origins, those living in the savannahs of Africa have large ears for example, unlike the elephants living in the jungles of Asia which have smaller ones.
But no matter the breed of elephant, as a decoration, they are all beautiful and will be proud to be displayed in your home. They will bring protection and wisdom.
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