Hippie Wall Tapestry

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Opt for a Hippie Wall Tapestry and its good vibes for a zen and chill atmosphere in your home. Pay homage to the hippie movement with a collection specially dedicated to it. For a welcoming decoration filled with good mood, these wall hangings are the right products for you.

For a quick, low-cost, but very effective decoration, you’ve come to the right place.

Wall hangings are light decorations to put in your living room or in your bedroom. But you can also use them as a sheet to sit on in your garden and enjoy the good weather. Find in this collection soothing patterns, to create a peaceful atmosphere, and to relax, in all freedom. Bright colors, original patterns, each hanging is unique.
Make your child happy by creating a unique and very elegant atmosphere with the Mandala Wall Tapestry collection, a must-have in interior design.